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Young and sexy step mom

Young and sexy step mother 
  Hi- dear fun loving sexy readers, i am exited to share my exciting sex experience with my young and horny step mother, which is a true story of my private sex life. My father married to a very young and beautiful horny divorcee women of 30 years. There was a difference of 15 years and a difference of 8 years in our age. He fell in love with her in the a business meeting and married to her after few meetings ,two years after the death of my mom. She is a smart and humorous charming lady with attractive and proportionate figure with mixing nature and soft spoken. She adjusted herself nicely and mixed up with me like a friend due to age factor. I also developed close friendly relationship with her and called her by name priya mausi. She proved very lucky for our family because our business started growing day by day after she married to my father. My father is open minded and fun loving person and believes in enjoying life. He gave her full freedom and use to take her tour along with for pleasure and expose her to outside world. Soon my father developed high blood pressure and blood sugar due to tension of business and his love and sexual life became cold & dull. His business trips frequented and he started drinking regularly ,which further affected his sexual life. On the other hand the life style of priya was changed and she was badly influenced by the western culture and she wanted to enjoy life freely. Now she was feeling sexually deprived. Slowly she started coming closer to me and showing interest in me and treating me as her best friend and taking care of small thing of mine. In due course i started fantasizing about her . I have a very close friend and buddy in our sexy friends circle named vijay. He is very healthy and wealthy with muscular physique ,besides very strong and sexy. He is a womanizer and has good contacts with sexually starve d ladies. His drawback is his large dick which is 8” long and 6” in girth ,which every women can not accommodate and he cannot enjoy intercourse freely. Where as mine is 6” long. We are fast friends and do not keep any secret in between and share our hearts and girls with open heart and mind. I got few chances to enjoy sex with most horny women together with him in trio. He was attracted to priya at the first sight on the very first meeting and expressed his desire to enjoy sex with her. He noted that she was also attracted to him and she was gazing at his bulge at his crotch under the pant frequently with fleeing eyes. H e instigate and persuade me to start flirting with her and develop sexual relationship with her. I was prompted by his idea and i started showing love and affection towards her. My efforts started bringing result sand she started coming further closer and taking extra care of me like a close friend. I notice big change in her behavior and attitude.at few instances i found her in a petticoat tied very low on the hip , exposing her flat and silky smooth belly and sexy navel, besides low neck sleeveless fine material semi transparent blouse , exhibiting the attractive bulges of her cleavage and back. I could make out her sexy curves and the dark aura with nipples clearly. When i talked to vijay about the developments, he advised me to keep it up and wait for the right time and opportunity and let the things go at their own way .he told me with his experience that the heat is on either side . Soon that opportunity came and it was my birthday and my father was out of country. I consulted with raj and planned to celebrate with few selected friends with their families. The party started with the drinks . Priya was leading lady and taking lead role to entertain guests and make the party success. Ladies drank moderately and enjoyed dancing .priya gave company to me and my friend as we were only singles. She had been to beauty parlor in the evening for facial and waxing and looking very attractive and sexy in the one piece backless low neck european dress. It was a nice party and every one enjoyed it fully. Priya was in full heat and she hugged and kissed me openly showering her greetings and love for me.

After the party was over and every one had gone with all the good wishes . I changed my clothes and put on pajama and sandoz banyan with out under wear. She also went to the bathroom to release pressure and refresh before going to bed. I was sitting on sofa and watching tv, when she came out wearing a see thru sexy lingerie. I was fully aroused by seeing her in this dress. She sat down besides me and picked up a bottle and filled two pegs and asked me to finish the last peg. The atmosphere became hot and sexy when she hugged me and then offered a kiss on her lips . I could see the passion in her eyes and could not resist further . And started caressing and kissing and making love with her madly. During this i lowered the strap of her lingerie from her shoulders stripping her topless and moving down to her beautiful , fully developed and firm boobs. I enjoyed playing with her boobs and sucking nipples which became large and erect. By this time my cock was in full action . She helped me to lower my pajama and banyan and moved he lingerie out of her legs. Now both of us were fully nude. She held me from my hand and took me to her bed room where she sat down on the bed and held my cock in her hand .the she moved the fore skin back to expose the fore head and started sucking my cock. Then she made me to lied down and positioned above me in “69” position. Her silky smooth balled cunt was right on my mouth . I parted the lips of her beautiful pussy and started licking and sucking the clitoris and labia of her dripping pussy . My cock was in her mouth and she was playing with my balls and sucking my dick. I smooched her cunt by pulling the lobes of flesh and stretching and nibbling madly to make her moan. Her pink cunt started bulging out to burst with pleasure and her as rising high with the heat of passion until she reached the height s of climax and suddenly jerked her orgasm with shudders heavily. She also leaked during the discharge and filled my mouth with her love juice. There after we relaxed for some time and once again were ready for the intercourse. This time she lied down on the edge of the bed with two thick pillows under to raise her as for batter access and full penetration . She raised her legs and spreaded all the way to expose her cunt wide open. Then she invited me for fucking. She held my cock and guided my dick to enter her demanding hole . I pushed my dick in her cunt fully and plugged her tight hole. Then bent down on her to kiss and caress her. She was moaning with pleasure and asked me to fuck her and make her cumm. I placed my arms under her arms and held her by he r shoulders with my hands. She was under my clutches and then stroked her hard. By giving strong thrusrts.her body and boobs were shaking in the rhythm of stroke and her legs were flying in air .she reached in ecstasy and and asking me to fuck her harder and make her to cum. She was extremely horny and was enjoying fucking with full heat. Finally we both ejaculated one by one and were fully exhausted. I got down only when my cock became loose and slides out itself. I fucked her one time more in doggy style from back side and slept nude remaining night together like husband and wife. Next day raj call her and informed her that he has forgot his mobile phone there and take it into hr custody. She checked her phone and found sexy mms and nude pictures of girls. She showed it to me and asked me to invite him on dinner and drink. I met raj and conveyed her invitation for drinks and dinner and told him about the success to bring her on bed and fuck her nicely. He was badly excited and developed strong desire to fuck her in the night.

He joined us in the evening and we started with the drinks which raj brought with her. He also brought an expensive gift for her and she was very happy with him. He mixed up with her freely as he knew her from long time and cutting sexy joke. When she asked him about his marriage plan ,he told her that there are many girls whom he loves but his problem is the size of his cock, and the girl he loves is afraid his big cock. She smiled and then told him that the big cocks are rare and she fond of big cock. Then i told them that you must be couple . Sensing the need of time, i signaled my friend with fleeing eyes and got up to leave them alone with an excuse wishing him to feel free and homely and i will join them after one hour time. This was a green signal from my side and when i came back they have already done it .their face and condition of the bed was telling real story of their erotic sex. They were looking happy and fully satisfied. There after i also joined them and took off my clothes and enjoyed group sex.i was very happy to see live fucking of my mom by my friend in front of me.she slept in between both of us fully sandwitched. I inserted my cock in her cunt when she was facing him and other way round he inserted his cock in her cunt from back side while she was making love with me.she was extreemly happy. Now she is pregnent and no one knows who is the father of the child yet to born. Readers guess who can be the father? Me, my friend or my father.?

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