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My colleague Kala

i am Vignesh from Madurai, working as a Section leader for the computer department, in an international firm in Dubai. I got inspired after reading Malayalee’s erotic experiences from this wonderful Kerala indiansexstories.net. And now a regular visitor of this site and addicted to the mallu stories.
This is a true experience I had with a girl who recently joined as a Trainee in my deptt. Her name is Kala, a Tamil Brahmin Girl, and she is just 20 yrs. old. She knows little bit of Telugu, and i used to tease her, hearing her Telugu. I taught her, the Telugu alphabets and she used to teach me Tamil in return.She is very sweet looking, wheatish color, slim and tall. Her father was tranfered from US to here in Dubai last year. She did her studies in Madras and came to her parents.

Kala has always a modern outlook in her dress and looks. She has very small titties and a slim waist but her ass is round and sexy. She wears jeans and tshirts/blouses and the tight jeans accentuate her buttocks showing the perfect round globes parked nicely on her thin legs. She walks in such a way that her legs are bow shaped and takes small steps juggling her hips which always set my heart racing when I see her from behind. I had the hots for her since she joined 2 months back and often fantasised about feeling her ass and putting my dick in the crevice between her two round bums. She often has problems and queries which I have to help her with and
I love these moments when I am beside her guiding and explaining things to her. She has a very soft husky voice and gives cute smiles like a kid. I often saw her bra when she would bend down at work but her tits were never visible being too small. Once my hand brushed her little breasts when she was standing beside me looking at the computer as I instructed her and I felt the soft boob on my elbow. My dick got hard instantly and my mind went berserk. Next day I let her sit on the chair and stool behind her while instructing her. Bending forward, I peeked straight down the neck of her blouse and saw the bra that confined those young titties. She did not realise this and kept on working while I strained my eyes to catch a glimpse of her boobs. All in vain and I could just ogle at her bra that was a bit wet with her sweat. Her fragrance was mindblowing and I could not control my cock from getting hard which was the obvious effect of her sexy body odour. Another time she came to my office cabin and as she stood beside me, listening to my words and watching the computer programme, she tumbled and fell into my lap. That was the first time I felt her soft buttocks and my dick responded by raising its head.
She was too embarassed and got up her face red with shame. I could not utter a word as my body was shaking with excitement. From then on, she pulls a chair and sits whenever she has to work with me but I always get hard with her beside me and keep wishing for the day when her ass would be in my hands to fondle and kiss and bite. It so happened that last week, as I was walking out at lunch time, I saw her alone on her desk doing some work. She was standing bent down on the keyboard which made her sexy ass push outward in the blue jeans and her short blouse was raised up and a little of her back above the jeans was visible. I looked around, saw no one else and tiptoed behind her with evil intentions in my mind and a stiffness in my cock. She did not know when I was just behind her, my dick just an inch away from her ass. Peeping above her shoulder, I casually put a hand on her back and asked "What are you doing Kala ?" She jumped with surprise but did nothing to make me take away my hand. She was trying to work out some solution and I moved my hand around patting her back around her shoulder and flicked her earlobe and mentioned to her "I like devoted workers like you Kala and I want you to work good so that you can be promoted soon." She looked at me pleased and smiled "Thanks Sir! I want to have a good career in computers."
"You are in fine hands Kala dear and as long as you work for me I will do everything for you to your benefit" I told her as I hugged her from her shoulder and then moved exactly behind her unable to control myself. With great courage I let my hand slip from her shoulder to her back and down to her hips and let it rest there. After a couple of seconds I gave a little squeeze on her buttocks "Good work Kala" I murmured and then putting both hands on her buttocks I kissed her right shoulder. To my utter surprise, she did nothing to push me away but shook her neck saying "No sir please don't do this " My fears of being physically rejected laid to rest, I squeezed her buttocks more rubbing my hands all over and kissed her cheeks paying no attention to her verbal opposition "What are you doing sir. Please sir leave me". Over the years I have learned with experience that if a girl is physically negative, it is better to leave her and forget her for she will either cause trouble and even if you are gonna have sex with her, it will be a one-way disaster but the girl who just verbally denies you but her body does not try to get away - such girls are good sexmates and will ultimately succumb to your charms if you just go on the right way.
"I love you Kala . You are so sweet and lovely I just cannot resist you baby. I swear I will do nothing. I love you I love you" I went on kissing her cheeks her neck licking her ears as she started breathing hard and fast and she let out a big sigh. I moved one hand to her waist and with the other traced her lips pushing a finger in her mouth. She bit on it and I moved the other hand to her boobs . I applied a little pressure on ber samll breasts as she bit more I kept my left hand on her left breast crushing it through her clothes. It was the tiniest of breasts and I kept rubbing trying to excite her nipples. Then I put the other hand on the right breast and squeezed both tits together and my hard stiff cock was trying to burst through my pants as I banged it against her big ass. "I love you" was all I could I say again and again. "Sir somebody will see us. It is not safe here" she said scared of her reputation but I could only think that she is saying not here and that means she would not mind somewhere else. She was ready - eh!! My senses told me of the risk I was taking in the open office with a watchman outside, I pulled her as I raced to my cabin and jerking the door open rushed her inside and kicked the door shut. Locking it, I switched off the light and turned the AC on. As I faced her, I saw her leaning against the door looking down and scratching the carpet with her toes. I rushed to my innocent sexpot and raising her chin with my fingers, looked in her eyes. "I love you Kala so don't be scared. I will be very gentle and nothing bad is going to take place between us." She tried to turn her face away but I kissed her lips taking her in my arms. Then I softly licked those juicy lips and she melted in my arms. I kissed and forced my tongue in her mouth which she started sucking. "Good" I thought "she knows and has kissed before too. Maybe she is not averse to sex and has fucked a lot before."
I crushed her petite body in my strong arms and moved my hands back to her sexiest part her lovely ass and grabbing her buttocks, pressed her to me. She put her hands on my shoulder and eagerly kissed me and our tongues wrestled with each other licking, pushing and our lips sucked each other's juices. The dim sunlight that poured from the window blinds was just enuff to let us see ourselves and the silent office was filled with our moaning sounds as our passion heightened. I put one hand on her belt and tried to push it in to feel her ass. She froze but I insisted "Don't worry Kala. Let me feel you" through our kisses and shut her lips with mine not allowing her to speak any more denials. Her body hugging jeans did not allow my hand to push in and I could just smuggle in 2 fingers that groped around her lower back but could not reach the flesh of her buttocks. "Shit " I said aloud "Why do you have to wear such uncomfortable clothes" and quickly put my hand in the front to unbutton her jeans. She resisted a lot but I SSSssssssssshhhhhed her and pulled down the zipper too. Now my hand was in past her panties and felt her lovely bums which immediately tightened as she felt a sensation alien to her. She mumbled "No sir I have never done this before" and I knew I had a virgin in my hands. I put in the other hand too and felt both her buttocks squeezing and rubbing them and comforted her "I will be nice I swear Kala I will make you love it." It took her five minutes during which I kept kissing her and feeling her naked ass in my hands to reconcile to the idea of finding out the pleasures of a man's love. Now her face looked relaxed and her hips felt soft not tight in my large palms. I sank to my knees and pulled down her tight jeans and the panties along despite her requests not to do so. Then taking each leg in my hands one by one, I took off her shoes and carefully slid off her jeans leaving her standing naked waist down. She covered her eyes with her hands and her bush was just in front of my face "Please don't do anything Sir please" she pleaded but how could I leave the beautiful quim now. I nuzzled my nose in the hair licking around while she squirmed uncomfortably and i put my hands on her thighs to steady her. "No no no" she screamed scaring me as the office lunch hour was almost finished and soon there would be people outside. Leaving the foreplay I decided to get on with the main course - putting my lovely tool in her sweet untouched lovehole. So I got up and calmed her kissing her again but she was trembling like a poor sacrifical goat. I led her to my table and turned her to face the table and standing behind her i looked at the cute round ass and quickly undressed myself fully. My schlong sprang up like a suppressed spring lets loose and pushing her to the table I started rubbing it in her ass. "Oh oh no no "
she cried and begged but now she too knew that her virgin days were over and this afternoon was her big day for I was going to have her pussy for lunch. She was shaking with fear or excitement I don't know exactly but my joy knew no bounds for fulfilling my aspiration of fucking this beauty. After a while, I raised my cock to a vertical position and pushed in on her buttocks so that my balls too banged on her from behind. Hugging her tight I undid her blouse and bra and rubbed her little breasts as I banged and banged her ass solidly from behind licking and biting her. What a fucking beautiful sensation I was having as I rubbed our bodies together She had gone to a silent mode now and I banged to my heart's content and then laid her down on the carpeted floor. Before she could say anything, I was feeling her bush in my hand and rubbing her raised mound. I started sucking her breasts in my mouth and laid her fears to rest. "Sex is not a crime sweety. It is just an expression of our love and our mutual satisfaction will make both of us exptremely happy."I got between her legs and she closed her eyes with fear.
I rubbed the head of my cock on her pubis, making her hairs glisten with my pre-cum and then touched her outer lips with it. She moaned "I can't do it Sir" "You can Kala and you will do it today. This is our big day and I cannot rest without proving my love to you. Just be cool and love me back." I said as I pried open her pussy. She was fully dry and I licked my fingers and wet her pussy till it was nicely lubricated. She stopped squirming and went limp as I pushed in. She was too tight and mentally I cursed her for being a virgin then. But then destiny had this in for us. She was destined to lose her virginity to me and I had to open the world of sexual pleasures to her. So I slowly inched in my thick dick. She grimaced with pain but I had enuff experience to be gentle and gave little jerks in and out to slowly move forward stretching the pussy walls slowly and kept massaging her thighs to relax her. "come on Kala be a good girl. You can do it nicely if you loosen yourself. Take it in and show me that you love me like I love you" But she was not able to do anything to accomodate me. So I decided to do it the only way possible - by force. I took her legs in my hands and bent them back towards her chest as far as they would go simultaneously spreading them wide too and then with one big push, I thrust in my slippery cock in her tight virgin pussy. "Ufffffffffff" she choked her scream of agony and I put my hand on her mouth to stifle the scream. She bit on my hand digging in her teeth as my dick went past her hymen and dug in to the deepest corner of her vagina and I bit my tongue as I controlled myself from shouting out aloud.
My pain was nothing compared to hers as her pussy was filled to the full with my hardness that had pierced through her virginity. I removed my hand and saw tears rolling down her cheeks. I licked them off and murmured my affections "This had to happen sweety. Kala don't cry because you are with me and I love you so much. You will be very happy with my love and I will take good care of you Kala. Now you will be able to feel and enjoy the bliss of my love for you." With that I started fucking her tight cunt. Moving out till just the head remained inside and then pushing in the whole length of my cock, I kept banging her pussy. She moaned as it must have been painful but my pleasures were doubled as I enjoyed a tight hole after a long time. My foreskin had pushed back itself due to her tightness and I felt the utmost ecstacy of our intercourse. I put my hands on hers to lock her movement and raising myselfm started the push-ups. Fucking in and out of her, I could hear the swishing sounds my wet cock was making. I was sweating profusely and panting as I spoke "Oh baby fuck me baby" using four letter words for the first time in front of her. Her eyes jerked open as I chanted "Oh Kala fuck me love and let me fuck you. Come on baby let's fuck. Take it in and push up as I fuck your pussy darling" She was trying to close her legs as my body in between was humping her wildly and tore thru her for the first time in her life so I said between my sharp breaths "Put your legs above on my back so you can have fun baby." She got the point and I helped her lock her legs on my back which made her passage more open for me. "Yes baby that's good. Are you comfortable now? Fuck me Kala. Tell me you love it baby.Tell me you wanna be fucked proper" I was in no mood to stay gentle and decent now and let out all profanities I could but she was so shy and only said "Yes Yes " but no fuck words for her.
I knew it was very painful for her physically and mentally too as her body was being tormented by me and she was going thru all this for my love. She probably thot that I really loved her and she too wanted to love me at that time but little did she know that I loved sexy bodies and not human beings ever since my lover of school days had ditched me 10 years back. Now I was 30 and committed to staying single but would leave no chance to make love or have wild sex whenever I could with a variety of girls. No more commitments and dejections for me only sex and sex and sex. "Come on baby fuck me. Take it in deeper Kala. Baby you are so tight but you can have fun if you take it in properly. U got a sexy ass baby and I wanna fuck it too" I kept on shouting wildly as I increased my tempo and she too got in the motion but all she could come out with was "Aahs" and "oohs" and "Yes Yes" nothing more. By now she too was sweating and showing signs of tiring as she pushed up to meet my thrusts and my body was covered with sweat despite the airconditioning and small drops fell on her body from my face.
"You are a good learner Kala" I winked at her "whether it is computers or sex. You are definitely moving higher very soon and then you and I will always be together." She smiled and I said "No baby I mean it. Then you and I will work and make love together to our desire and you are surely gonna be happy baby for we will go on outstation trips together." I decided there that she was gonna get my recommendation for promotion from Trainee to my Assistant who would be my partner in all my projects. I was soon gonna climax and my cock went in and out faster and faster as her legs slipped back to the floor but she kept them wide to allow me smooth movement. I bucked faster and faster and deeper and deeper. Her little breasts moved just a bit with her whole body pushing up and down and her eyes tight shut, hands clenched to fists, lips locked together with her pussy bearing the brunt of my passion and heat in my loins. "fuck me Kala" I yelled as my seed erupted"Baby you are too good" and kept licking her as my cock spat out the cum in her vagina. I did not care at that about discharging the semen outside and as I finished ejaculating in the depths of her pussy, my body, after 30 minutes of hard work, got some rest and I pulled out my spent cock from the confines of my lover's cunt. She heaved a sigh of relief as her pussy rid of my cock and my weight moved from atop her to her side. As my breathing returned to normal, I brushed my hands thru her hair, on her face, on her nipples and she turned to me. I smiled and said "You are my darling Kala and you are gonna go places with me now" She replied with a kiss and hid her face in my chest. My hand moved down her back to her buttocks which had today led to the undoing of her virginity. I thanked my stars for blessing my meat with this spruced up body and wished for making her mine till the next one.
Later I led her to the attached bathroom and cleaned her up, soaked the carpet where our lovemarks showed in the form of wet patches and also a bit of blood that had dripped on there. Thankfully she had not bled much and was able to compose herself though I could sense a difference in her walk. By now it was 5 minutes past lunchtime and we had feasted on each other but the other guys had walked in to the office as we knew by their sound. I switched on the light and carefully unlocked the door without making a sound. After kissing her and feeling her bums and extracting a promise from her to come to my house early next day, I let her go. She casually moved out with a few papers and CDs and no one paid her any attention. Relieved, I went back to my desk and started planning what I would do to her the next morning. I would love to make her my sex slave, feed her my cock, make her drink my cum, eat her cunt and drink her juices, fuck her till eternity and yes I would surely love to fuck her ass too till I tear it apart. Oh it makes me so horny right now as I think about it.

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