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Hi! This is Sahed from Dhaka (name changed), Bangladesh. I am a Bangladeshi, living in Dhaka. When this happened to me, I was 24, studying MBA from IBA of Dhaka University! This happened with one of my vabi; who had been an attractive wife of my MBA classmates. In our MBA program, there was a wide variety of students – same age, older, professionals from different sectors, fresher etc. My class mate was Mr. Wahid (name changed). He was, I guess, at least 10 years older than me! I was a good student. So, during the group-study period, I would be a matter of attention in the group. People would like to keep me with them; as I was regarded as the ‘Jack of All’. In one morning, three of us – Mr. Wahid, Me and another classmate went to Mr. Wahid’s house for study purpose before the Mid-Term exam. After finishing our study, Mr. Wahid asked us to take our lunch at their house. We did not say ‘NO’; rather we agreely accepted the offer, as we were hungry. We sat in the dining table! Mita, Mr. Wahid’s wife was preparing the table. She was tall, slightly bulky, fair and attractive. She was arranging the food dishes on the table. Oh! I forgot to tell you that, this couple, that time, was trying to get baby, and was childless! We finished our lunch. And, went to our home! Nothing extraordinary! But, I never thought that this day would be tempting a few marvelous moments in my life! I was busy with studies! A few days passed on! It was around 8:00 pm at night! I was studying at my room! Suddenly, a phone rang and I received the phone as none was there to pick it up. A sweet melodious voice was on the other side. She was looking for me. I confirmed that ‘Yes’, it was me. She asked me about my studies and the reasons we are not studying in a group at their home! I was a bit astonished! I asked about her husband. She said, he (her husband) just went to kitchen market and she just wanted to say hello to me. She informed that she got my phone number from her husband’s note book. I said it was ok with me and we cut off the line for that night! Now, she became my regular caller. This goes on for night after night – we discovered ourselves gradually engaged in ‘phone sex’. For example, one night at around 2 am, I said ‘hold on for a moment’ over the phone. She asked ‘where r u going, honey’. I said, ‘to the toilet, to pee’. She said, ‘don’t go to toilet, pee in my pussy’. I learned the elaboration of ‘FANTA’ policy, which tells ‘Fuck And Not Touch Again’. This way, we were going on. She would call me almost every night, after her husband went to deep sleep. I would be waiting for her sweet, melodious voice and erotic phone-chatting. I would visualize her body in my conversation – tall & fair, attractive look, gorgeous melons, big and round-shaped ass, and deep-cut strait in between flashy vagina-lips. She would feel my erected thick dick, muscular chest, and heavy buttock! We chalked out plan – how we could meet each other. I was living in Kallayanpur those days with my parents and she had been staying at Banani with her husband. As her husband and me were in the same MBA program, both of us were busy during the same period. I was a full-time student and so he was. However, her husband only left his overseas job and got enrolled with the program. One day, in the morning, she called and invited me to her empty house. Her husband would be leaving for Chittagong, shortly, for the day. I was nervous, excited and agreed to come to her. At around 10:30, I knocked the door – she opened the door with a cheerful smile. I was again thrilled to see her in a different angle i.e. not a simple vabi. I learned this was not simple affair – it was extra-marital-affair. As I was nervous, I asked for water and looked for toilet. I went to pee keeping the door open. Now, we sat on the sofa, in her living room. We were just chatting. She was wearing salwar-kameez, in a decent way. She offered me tea and snacks. We were both not too sure how to proceed further. She inquired if I knew to read palm. As I know it a little, I asked her to stretch her hand. She stretches her right hand – I was reading the lines and was telling something, feeling the softness of her palm. I was touching her arms, looking at her face and also staring at her big and round boobs over the orna (scarf/ shawl). I touched on her skin, ear lobe, and open neck. Perhaps, she was expecting more active foreplay from me; otherwise, why she should rushed to kiss on my lips, pressing my face towards her! I instantly, hugged her- holding her in my arms tightly. We kissed lustfully for a long period, before laying her on the floor carpet. I removed her orna just to measure the cups of her lusty breasts. I touched her left melon with my right hand, felt the position of her nipple. I started squeezing her melons over her cloth – yet to make her naked. She closed her eyes; I stretched my mouth to lick her boobs over her kameez. My saliva made those mountainous parts of the kameez wet. I bent towards her. Now, my thrill went downwards of my loving lover. I spinned my hand from the mountains towards the flat naval plain of her tummy. As she was lying on her back, I was taking the kameez up to see her open belly. It was fair, smooth and gorgeous with a deep naval ditch. I kissed on her belly, licked the smoothness. Now, I started rubbing her vagina, through her salwar. I felt, she did not take any pubic hair-cut for a long time. I like hairy pussy – experience gathered viewing x-rated films. Sweet vabi was moaning. My cock was erected, trembling inside my pant and underwear! She just caught hold of my hand, while I was entering it inside her panty and salwar! I forced and overcome to enter the dark room….wow…it was already slippery with her love juice…I started pinching her vertical lips and surrounding hair of the love pot. It was so marvelous…I started rubbing her inside the pussy mouth…She was oozing like hell…Now, she caught my penis by her right hand…gripped tightly…that erected tool…Little prince was ready to enter the lady’s den…. I thought this is the time to fully naked my extra-marital lover…I rolled over her kameez…She was wearing a black bra….I unknotted her salwar ribbon….This time she said nothing…pulled her salwar down through her knee and feet…Black panty…It was so electrifying – black bra and black panty combination over a fabulous, fair bodied woman…My vabi had such a sexy figure…that any man can hardly ignore her attractive physique and presence…I was staring at her lying body for a few minutes…She closed her eyes…Was it in shyness or other…I did not know…I penetrated my middle finger of my right hand…into her vagina…started pinching once again…She aroused like an adult bitch….now, opened her bra and panty…wow…wow…wow…..wow…..boobs were jerking like dangler…pink nipples were looking gorgeous…I started sucking her breast…left one…squeezing the right…hmmmmmmmm….pierced her pink nipples….vabi was murmuring…I proceeded to help her vagina…the incredible fun pot for a man…seeped my tongue into the gulf of love juice…my mouth and nose were soaked in fun water…the smell was marvelous…Vabi was muttering in joy…Now, this naked lady rose to sit beside me on the floor carpet…She wants my penis to fuck her pussy…She helped me to unbutton my shirt…Unhooked my pant…lower downed the zipper covering the rod…My lover now put her hand inside the zipper hole…to bring her man’s love tool…It was roaring…the moment it was exposed to fresh air…it was standing on 45 degree angle….Vabi bent her head towards my sona…penis…Started licking the tip…chchhhhhhhh….sucked the oozed milk…brought the balls together out of the underwear…Started sucking all together….Wow…ahahahahah…I noised in exclamation…what a feelings…I sat on my ass…setting my legs aside…She licked my cock and balls for a few minutes…Then I stood in front of her….She pulled my pant and underwear down…I facilitated her to suck my penis in this standing position for some more times…She wrapped my buttocks by her hands…She started squeezing my buttock mounds…and licking my nunu or cock altogether… Now, I put her body on the ground…ready to fuck her body…1st time by another man other than her husband…I kissed her lovely…thick lips once again…before she pushed my penis..inside her hole….fuck…fuck…fuck…she was screaming…tear my vagina…let the bloods come out of the hole…she was yelling…Dhapao…jore jore dhapao…chudo..amar sona..amake chude shesh kore dao..tomar sona die…I accelerated my speed…Being a married woman she knew the trick of playing with a virgin boy…She was also keeping pace with the movement…supporting from the bottom…We fucked for around 15 minutes…I started shedding my sperms….i cummed allover her vagina…and her thigh…She got up and started licking my penis to clean it up….We lay side by side for couple of minutes….After taking rest for a while…she provoked my to fuck her from the back…it was doggy style…I did not know it that time… We could continue our relationship for some more days….however, then, I had to stop…as her husband got suspicious… …have a good day

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